Best Handstand Workshop Ever

Best Handstand Workshop Ever

September 30, 2018 Montclair, NJ


Time : 1:00PM
Venue : @souledoutfitness
Address : 465 Bloomfield Avenue, Second Floor
State : NJ
Zip : 07042
Phone : 973-746-0545
Contact Website :

Meet me at Souled Out Fitness on September 30th for my signature handstand workshop. I know you have been to them all, but I offer a breakthrough guarantee.. Who can say that?


Are you afraid to fly?
Has hand balancing been a mystery to you?
Are you ready to change all that?
Even if you can’t jump to the wall yet, this workshop is for you.


Maybe you can get upside down on the wall and you’re pretty comfortable there… but you just don’t “feel’ it yet.
Maybe you’ve been holding 3-5 second handstands… but you just can’t “stick” it yet.
You can hold the handstand… but you desire more control for transitioning.
In this workshop I will take you step by step as we break down the fundamentals of a freestanding handstand and its counterparts.

We will discuss:
– how to fall safely to overcome fear
– building the pose before even taking flight
– alignment tips to manage and correct balance

You will learn the evolution of a handstand, where “you” are on the path and how to move forward..