fight for your right

IMG_5428_smallYou gotta fight, for your right, to par•take! It takes a lot of courage to try something new. In these times I always refer to the butterfly feeling in your stomach. It’s like your body telling you where your edge is mentally. In yoga “asana” we use the physical edge to measure progression. I feel the same rule applies in yoga “life” using the mental edge as a barometer for growth.
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what are your feet telling your hands?

Wrist pain? The feet can be an amazing indicator on how to properly distribute weight in the hands. In this video I demonstrate the ever so popular and incorrect “claw” action and how that would look in the feet. If you were to balance with the “claw” action on the feet, overtime you would be riddled with the ankle, knee and hip problems from standing/walking. So if you’re doing this in the hands, think about how that is affecting your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. Just like your toe mound is a key part of standing, that grounded knuckle is a key part of hand balancing.