teacher training q&a with jeffrey posner

Real Hot Yoga NJ is proud to be hosting their 3rd Twisted Lotus, 200 HR Teacher Training taught by Jeffrey Posner on February 25th- May 21st. We had a chance to sit down with him and get the scoop on his #realhot training.

Q: So, this is your 3rd training at Real Hot Yoga and about to begin your 3rd. What can you tell us about Continue reading →

meet the teach – yogacity nyc

yogacity nyc jeffrey posnerJeffrey Posner is definitely a “guys” guy, with a teaching style that gives his classes a slight testosterone boost. All of which isn’t really surprising considering that he was a bit of a jock in college, playing lacrosse and football, while also putting in time  wrestling.

While his teaching style is very guy friendly, it’s his passion for teaching students how to make their dreams of doing inversions and arm balances a reality that make his classes and workshops popular with both men and women. You see Posner is a wee bit obsessed with showing students how to use their hands to make sure these poses are pain-free, much easier to do and fun.

YogaCity NYC’s Dar Dowling recently caught up with Jeffrey to find out more about how he found his way out of the locker-room and onto the mat.

Dar Dowling: What did yoga give you that those other sports didn’t? read more